3 things that happen to your body if you don’t shower for 2 days

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After reading the following, you will find that getting your book in the morning will become your priority. Sensitive souls, stay away.

When you don’t shower every day, you can be sure what happens to your body.

Pay attention to the progress of bacteria.

According to a recently published article, TwentyTwoWords, when you haven’t showered for two days in a row, bacteria are targeting the tip of your nose.

There are about 1000 types of bacteria in the human body and 40 types of fungi.

It looks great, but don’t be afraid: most of them are important and even beneficial for us.

But some don’t!

And when you don’t wash for two days, dangerous bacteria irritate your skin and sometimes get into your eyes, nose or mouth. So you have a good chance of getting sick.

“If you don’t fly every day, welcome to sleep. »

Bacteria are often responsible for popular body odor.

Brief explanation: bacteria themselves do not smell.

Bacteria produce gases. And it is exactly these famous gases that cause these bad body odors.

And when you know that one of these bacteria can come out around 30 bad smells, it’s better not to skip the morning “shower”!

Wash daily to keep your skin healthy. If you are not convinced, here is the last argument that may make you change your mind.

Staying clean is important for skin!

Keeping wet clothes (sweating) on ​​your body after sports, for example, will irritate your skin and sometimes even create small sores on the spot. It can therefore increase the risk of bacterial and fungal infections, such as a staph or yeast infection that causes an itchy stomach.

It is therefore important to change the sports clothes each time and do not hesitate to keep your arms, stomach and face clean, because the areas that cause the most bacteria.

Too much, bad for your health?

In order to balance these statements, many say that getting too much paper is not good.
Indeed, water (also stoneware) and cleaning products damage the skin’s barrier. The skin acts as a natural shield against attacks because it produces a protective film.

But experts agree (for the most part) that repeated showers only upset this balance.

Especially by using products that are not suitable for your skin type. Sometimes many of the chemicals mixed in remove the oil from the skin’s surface, which can make it dry and flaky.

But remember that if you shower every day, no one can complain about your body odor.

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